Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching

~ A Program of Somatic Movement and Paradigm Shifts...

A program of somatic movement, embodiment practices, and connection to the Divine within you! 

Become the Creatrix of YOUR sacred life 

Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Say hello to YOU...

This Coaching Experience offers individualized, detailed support for YOU as you:

*Connect with your physical body 

*Begin to understand your emotions & reactions

*Learn to trust your intuition

*Embody the Royalty that you are

*Navigate life's transitions with grace and compassion

What you get...

  • Somatic movement tools that help you connect with your physical body on a deeper level

  • Orienting practices to help bring you fully to the present moment

  • Personalized Kundalini Kryas that help you activate your intuition and Divine Wisdom

  • Support as you move through major transitions with Grace & Ease

What's Included...

  • Initial 90 minute Get Started Session

  • 45 minute personal Manifestation Summits 2x month

  • FULL Access to all of my other offerings

  • Complete access to over 100 hours of recorded practices, sadhanas, breathwork, and more!

  • Continual "touch base" support via email, text, or messenger M-F 8-5 (Eastern time)

Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching

What IS the Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching Program anyway?

This Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a "Whole Person" approach to making long-lasting, powerful changes in your life. 

Based on my own personal journey as I have navigated through many major life transitions- leaving my dream career after 15 years to start a family, starting a small business after moving to a new part of the country, and becoming a "serial entrepreneur" as I sent my oldest daughter to college, I realized that there is deep wisdom in my body that can guide and support me in those high stress moments.

I have learned that the more I slow down and listen to that Sacred Body Wisdom, I can navigate transitions and challenges with compassion and grace. 

I have made it my mission to guide and support other women as they navigate changes and transitions by helping them lean into their own Sacred Feminine Energy and Wisdom. That is why I have created this Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching. 

You have so much power waiting in the energy of the Divine Feminine. When you trust your intuition, lead from your truth, and have faith in your own innate Body Wisdom, your potential and power are limitless! 

You are bold. You are beautiful. You are Divine. And there's NO STOPPING you! 


What it's like in this Coaching Experience...

  • "This is a “total package” experience for which I am profoundly grateful.  Kris is a beautiful person and a bright light in the world.  I feel very fortunate to have her mentorship as I bravely, wholeheartedly step into the life I want to lead.”

  • “Working with Kris in her private mentorship program is transformational!  
    It has, without question, been the best investment I have ever made in myself. Her wisdom, support, and guidance are helping me work through challenges that I have never been able to successfully address alone and I am living a much better version of my life while working with her."


  • "Kris offers something different, something more personal and life-changing than the other coaches I have inquired with. What a gift to have Kris behind me, cheering me on, lifting me up, day after day. I needed that so badly.

    The biggest change for me has been being able to listen to myself and trust myself. I can hear my inner voice and my feelings guiding me more often. Thank you for the support!"


  • "Kris diagnosed one of my injuries and gave me an exercise to help fix it, in less than five minutes!

    That is something that a small army of doctors and physical therapists hadn't been able to do in 5 years. Some of my chronic pain has now disappeared."


But Kris, I have a few questions...

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
about the Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching Program!

Our 45 minute Manifestation Summits happen twice a month! We will find a time that works for you- I recommend a consistent time each month so it's easier to commit.

This Embodiment Coaching is a 12 month commitment so that we have time to dive deep into the subtle bodies, anchor in new somatic practices, and allow time to navigate those paradigm shifts that arise with this deep, sacred work.

  • Initial 90 minute Get Started Session where we will talk about goals, dreams, and your deepest desires! You will leave this first session with both journaling prompts and a meditation practice to do at home. 
  • 45 minute personal Manifestation Summits 2x month where you learn targeted somatic movement and breathwork practices paired with discussion. Over our time together you will connect to your physical body and use that initial connection to move deeply into the emotional body, learning how to understand your reactions and feelings. 
  • A personalized plan of support that allows you to understand your actions and reactions, connects you with your truth and intuition, and allows you to bring your personal Body Wisdom online full activated. 
  • FULL Access to all of my other Kundalini offerings, special events, and virtual practices, and recorded library.
  • Continual "touch base" support via email, text, or messenger M-F 8-5 (Eastern time).

This Embodiment Coaching Program supports women that are experiencing major transitions in their life- retirement, new career, empty nesters, having children, divorce, and grief for example. No matter where they are in their lives, I help women become the BAD-ASSES they know they are. 

The women in this Embodiment Coaching Program know there is more available to them. They have strong intuition, but struggle to trust it. They feel the call of the universe and know in their bones that they are Divine but are afraid to embody that divinity. 

These Divine Women can see where they want to be, but just don't know how to get there.

This Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching is for you if:

~ You are tired of feeling burnt out and stuck in that rut of "going through the motions".
~ You are done asking "Why does this keep happening to me?" 
~ You have chronic pain in your body that you just can't get rid of. 
~ You have a strong desire to feel connected to source, spirit, and the universe.
~ You are moving through a major transition in your life and feel lost and are lacking support. 
~ You "know in your bones" that something has to change and are ready to do the work. 


Hi! I’m Kris Batzner, Founder & Guide of Central Michigan Kundalini.

I am a Kundalini Yogi that knows the power of breath, movement, and awareness. 

I am super passionate about helping women navigate their major life transitions with grace, compassion, and ease. You are Divine. You are Sacred Royalty. You just need to remember...

I am ever-evolving, and am currently leaning into my role as spiritual leader, guide, and magic manifester. 

Ready to get started?

Step into that "Full Bodied Yes" today...
Let's see what magic we can make together!