Take a breath... You've landed!

Welcome to your

Nervous System!

My gift to you~ A calm state of being, a new perspective, and a solid sense of grounding...

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Get ready to feel calm...

Krya to Calm your Nervous System

Reset your Nervous System in 20 minutes flat!

This practice will leave you feeling calm, clear headed, and ready to move forward in your day with intent & focus!

Thank You!

Thank you for trusting your practice and your nervous system with me...
I have MORE for you! This class is part of a 4 part series that calms, anchors, and energizes 


Clear your mind & prepare your body for sleep so that you can sleep longer, deeper, and get better rest!


Invigorate, revitalize, and move your body with this Krya that increases circulation and strengthens the mind-body connection.


Reprogram your stories and open to new layers of awareness so that you can get out of your own way and live a life of grace & ease!


Get 4 impactful & targeted Kundalini practices that:

  • Re-Regulate your Nervous System

  • Energize your body

  • Prepare you for the best sleep of your life

  • Shift your perspective & awareness

  • Are short & sweet (30 minutes or less!)

Each practice is targeted for a different part of your day to help you move through all aspects of your life with awareness and focus!

Who I am

Hi! I’m Kris Batzner.
An Embodiment Teacher and Somatic Movement Coach.

I am a Kundalini Yogi that knows the power of breath, movement, and awareness. 

I am super passionate about helping Gen-X Women navigate their major life moments with grace, compassion, and ease.

You are Divine.
You are Sacred Royalty.
You just need to remember...

I am ever-evolving, and am currently leaning into my role as spiritual leader, guide, and magic manifester. 

Thank you for trusting me to lead you in this Sacred Practice to reset your nervous system! 

Sat Nam

Kris Head Shots-13

Remember to complete your practice with the complete set of 4 classes!

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