Kundalini Yoga with Kris

The magical connection of Universe & Self
The practice of breath, movement, & awareness... 

The Search is Over!

There are millions of different yoga practices. There are millions of meditation practices. There are ALL SORTS of Mindfulness tools.


I'm sure you've found and even tried many of them.

And yet... you are still searching. Still wandering & wondering because NOTHING ever really sticks. NOTHING truly resonates with that deepest, truest expression of your SELF. 

Kundalini Practices with me are different...

  • This is NOT a meditation practice
  • This is NOT a breath practice
  • This is NOT a yoga practice
  • This IS a practice of AWARENESS
  • This IS a practice of CONNECTION
  • This IS a practice of DISCERNMENT

My Mission

Using the practice of Kundalini, I help smart, uber-busy humans move past the fear that creates resistance, learn to listen to their bodies, and manifest real change in their lives- creating spaciousness & alignment!

I’ve practice Kundalini off and on for about 8 years or so.  I am continually drawn into the magic and power of this practice. I’ll be the first one to tell you I was a bit of a skeptic. Yes, I know the importance of meditation. Yes, I have a regular meditation practice. Yes, I do a lot of yoga.

BUT... I didn't realize JUST HOW DIFFERENT a Kundalini practice truly is! I started with a foundational Krya (that my teachers Guru Singh & Brett Larkin recommended) that is grounding, focusing, and a great introduction to this practice. It's beautiful in its simplicity and impact.

I thought I would feel a bit calmer. I would sleep better. I would be able to relax a bit more in my day to day.

Yes that all happened. But NOPE- IT WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

This is not a meditation practice.
This is not a breath practice.
This is not a yoga practice.

This is unlocking the door to your Self and walking right on in!
no. matter. what.

Things I started noticing once I found a consistent Kundalini practice:
Synchronicities in the universe- events aligned and shaped themselves, people appeared when I needed them, opportunities arose to move me forward even when I wasn't looking!

Lifestyle changes- (none of which I even planned) I started walking every day outside no matter the weather, I craved fruit and other healthy food, I actually started eating more and stopped drinking as much.

Awareness- my state of mind pivoted to one of joyousness, abundance, understanding, and spaciousness.



The why...

 This practice calls on the synchronicities of the universe and transforms our awareness. This is NOT a "Rips your heart out and hands it to you on a platter" practice, this IS a "hugs, smiles, and cheer you on" practice. 


Let me tell you what can be found within the practice of Kundalini...

Lifestyle Changes

Create new habits that support and nourish your body & mind. From Day 1 you FEEL this practice in your body and realize that YOU are in control. 

Begin listening to what your body needs and follow through to long lasting change!



This practice creates spaciousness in body and mind.

That spaciousness brings awareness. When we practice awareness and listen to our bodies & intuition, we can make aligned decisions that change our life!




When we tap into the vibrations and energies of the universe, the universe responds. 

There are always opportunities to move forward. This practice opens our eyes in new ways so we can see and take advantage of  all those opportunities around us! 


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"Kris creates an environment of absolute safety and strikes a fantastic balance between having plans and remaining flexible based on my needs. The impact of this individual practice has honestly spilled over into every area of my life – work, family, friends, relationships. It has been the catalyst to allow me to be more responsive, less reactive, and to care for myself in an authentic way. I cannot imagine life without it. I’m extremely grateful."


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