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I'm so glad our paths have crossed!

Let's begin this journey of light and discovery together....

Kundalini Community Yoga With Kris Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching


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Welcome to your NEW Nervous System

My gift to you~ A calm state of being, a new perspective, and a solid sense of grounding...

Cover Nervous System Kundalini

The Krya to Calm your Nervous System: Reset your Nervous System in 20 minutes flat!

This practice will take you from stressed, frazzled, and overwhelmed to calm, cool, collected, and maybe even ready for a nap! It will definitely help you feel ready to move forward in your day with intent & focus. 
I am so excited to share this with you!!!


Get your FREE Kundalini Krya to Calm the Nervous System

Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Sink deep into the magic of Transformation!

This is for anyone who is ready to commit to manifesting a way of life that is integrated and aligned. 

The purpose of Private Mentorships is to offer individualized, detailed support for YOU as you clear old stories and blockages and create new habits that align with your truest purpose & intent.

Receive my undivided attention as you refocus and redesign your LIFE into one filled with Magic, Joy, and Clarity!!!

If you are ready to be done with the BULLSHIT and become the Bad-ass you know you are, this is for you!


Private Sessions

Whether you are looking to begin a yoga practice or deepen an already existing one, Private Sessions offer you an opportunity for individualized focus. 

NO DISTRACTIONS~ Private Sessions allow you to receive cues and instruction without the distraction of a class format! 

A COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE~ Private Sessions will be completely customized to YOUR needs. This is a PERFECT way for me to meet you exactly where you are!

A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE~ Ask questions, take your time, try out new postures and poses! Private Sessions let you release inhibitions and become more comfortable on your mat and in your body!

*options for weekly or 2x month available


Kundalini Community

Unite in Conscious Connection and awaken your Inner Light!

This community is a new way to practice together that brings us even closer to each other and keeps us connected through the practice of Kundalini. 

This community includes:
- Monthly live Kundalini classes
- Monthly morning short practices
- Monthly mantra sessions
- Monthly pranayama practices
- Monthly gatherings (I call them Coffee talks with Kris) to ask questions, discuss, and share
- Seasonal 40 Day Sadhanas
- So much more!

Be part of the movement where awareness sparks Community!


Yoga with Kris: 

Practice with intent among like-minded humans. 

Practice traditional yoga with Kris Friday Mornings at 9:30 am (Eastern)! Classes will be held weekly live on zoom OR you can practice with Kris anytime using the Recorded Class Library that will build each week. 

BONUS: Join me live for EXCLUSIVE monthly New Moon Practices and First Friday Kundalini Classes!

It is time to...
Let go of that restlessness in your belly & chest
Release that worry that keeps you up at 3 am
STOP distracting yourself from your TRUTH
And know that YOU CAN actually do this!

I am here for you.

I am ready to support you in clearing the way, in guiding you to let go of some of those distractions, and in finding alignment in ALL you do...

One lesson I have learned in my life is that there are absolutely NO LIMITS to our potential and that often the direction we need to move is the direction that we resist and THAT'S WHY I love working with people that are ready to tap into their potential, carve out time to connect with their Self, and see where the universe can take them! 

Whether it's through Kundalini Yoga, Traditional Yoga, or Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching, I help smart, uber-busy humans move past the fear that creates resistance, learn to listen to their bodies, and manifest real change in their lives- creating spaciousness & alignment! 

Believe in yourself!
Embrace your limitless potential!
Activate your power to manifest changes in your life!

Take a deep breath and dig deeper. I am here, ready to help you change that "no" to a FULL BODIED "YES!"