Kris Batzner

Helping people turn Fear and Resistance into

Motivation & LASTING CHANGE.


It is time to...
Let go of that restlessness in your belly & chest
Release that worry that keeps you up at 3 am
STOP distracting yourself from your TRUTH
And know that YOU CAN actually do this!

I have been a helper and care-taker all my life and have supported people on their yoga journey for the past 15 years.

I see the deep rooted need for connection that we all have, even as we compare and compete.

I watch people ignore the desire to do what feels good, and instead continue doing what they think they HAVE to do.  

I see us become Masters of doing all things EXCEPT take care of ourselves. 

I listen to the stories told that protect us and keep us small, and see how those stories distract us from those niggles of intuition that lead us into alignment and LIFE!

I have been there myself.

THAT'S WHY I am so passionate about helping smart, uber-busy humans LIKE YOU move past the fear that creates resistance, learn to listen to their bodies, and manifest real change in their lives- creating spaciousness & alignment! 


Hi! I'm Kris...

I have practiced yoga on and off for most of my life. I started doing yoga in my living room with my mom- we had a book with black and white photos of people doing yoga poses (you probably know what I'm talking about...)
I eventually began a definitive yoga practice in 1998, which quickly led to teaching and leading others through the practice of yoga.

I have taught at fitness centers, schools, yoga studios, and in the community for over 15 years. My philosophy is simple- everybody can do yoga, regardless of shape, size, or experience. And EVERYONE should have the chance to experience yoga in their own bodies. 

I currently own a yoga studio in Mid-Michigan but have been creating yoga communities around me wherever I go for the last 15 years.

During the last several years of the pandemic, I have pivoted my offerings to become more personalized and to take full advantage of the virtual communities being created.

Whether it is in Kundalini Courses & Coaching, Workshops & Retreats, or teaching teachers, I LOVE to give individualized focus and attention to each person present and am FILLED UP by helping others trust their intuition and express their fullest potential! 

Kundalini Kris

Somethings to know about me:
1. I believe that Yoga is for everyBODY. You are never too old, stiff, differently-abled, or anything else to try yoga. EveryBODY can receive the benefit of a yoga practice. That's one of my main missions on this Earth.

2. I create community. I love to bring people together and I adore connecting to people that are different than me. I know that we are stronger together and that we can always learn from each other. I am at my happiest in a group of people getting to know each other.

3. My inherent nature is JOY. Sometimes I forget this. We all have a natural state and mine is JOY. I have such gratitude and happiness for many things in my life and when I remember to tune into that I reside in JOY. And it seems to be contagious!

Building on these three principals I help people overcome their anxiety and overwhelm so that they can become more in touch with their greatest potential.

Whether it's through Kundalini Yoga, Teacher Training, or Continuing Education, I help people move past the fear that creates resistance and manifest real change in their lives, creating spaciousness & alignment!


I'm so glad our paths have crossed...
Let's begin this journey of light and discovery together.

Tell me what has brought you here...

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“Private yoga sessions w/Kris have been transformative for me across many levels. This practice has helped integrate my mind and body by experiencing both the mental and physical health benefits of yoga. The individual attention provides a non-threatening form of accountability, allowing me to reach my full potential.”


“Kris creates an environment of absolute safety and strikes a fantastic balance between having plans and remaining flexible based on my needs. The impact of this individual practice has honestly spilled over into every area of my life – work, family, friends, relationships. It has been the catalyst to allow me to be more responsive, less reactive, and to care for myself in an authentic way. I cannot imagine life without it. I’m extremely grateful for the community at RedBloom!”


“Kristin Batzner, your intentions & cultivation of growth, acceptance of self & others, get wrapped up & offered to us in THE BEST WAYS!
I have a high standard for events & wont participate in many. I’m SO GLAD I did this one!!!!!!!!
It takes A LOT of work to manifest a successful event. You nailed it, yet again!
My heart is so full. I feel love & loved. I feel supported! I feel inspired! I feel fulfilled!
I feel like my bond & connections to our community are even stronger, which I really need at this point in my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”