Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Sink deep into the magic and the manifestation

This is a FULL package of TRANSFORMATION and is for anyone who is ready to commit to manifesting a way of life that is integrated and aligned. This is for you if you are READY  to dive deep into the magic of Kundalini, energetics, manifestation, and MORE!

The purpose of Private Mentorships is to offer individualized, detailed support for YOU as you clear old stories and blockages and create new habits that align with your truest purpose & intent. In a Private Mentorship you will have my undivided attention to help you refocus and redesign your LIFE into one filled with Magic, Joy, and Clarity!!!
Think Private Sessions, but NEXT LEVEL!!! THIS is where the magic really happens. 

Mentorship includes :
- initial 90 minute Get Started Session where we will talk about goals, dreams, and your deepest desires! Manifestation begins from day 1 as we map out our journey together. 
- 45 minute personal Manifestation Summits 2x month.
- FULL Access to all of my other Kundalini offerings, special events, and virtual practices.
- Continual "touch base" support via email, text, or messenger M-F 8-5 (Eastern time). 

6 or 12 month options are available with discounted pricing when paying in full. 


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