Unleashing The Divine: A Beginners Guide to Kundalini

What the heck is Kundalini anyway!?!?!?!

Kundalini is a practice of breath, sound, & complete movement. It is a beautiful combination of alchemy and science that shifts our awareness of the world around us AND within us. I have loved this practice for many years now and have made it my mission to share this practice with as many people as I can. 

What to expect at this afternoon workshop:
- A discussion about the history of Kundalini
- A description of how I lead a Kundalini practice (Hint: It's different than most other Kundalini classes you've been in...)
- A full Kundalini Practice so you can feel the magic for yourself
- A time to answer ANY questions you might have!

This will be a great way to make friends with this new (to many of us) practice. If you are familiar with Kundalini this workshop will be a great way to learn about the history, traditions, and more of the "why" behind our practices. 

August Workshop