Kundalini Sadhana

What the heck is Kundalini anyway!?!?!?!
Kundalini is a practice of breath, sound, & complete movement. It is a beautiful combination of alchemy and science that shifts our awareness of the world around us AND within us.

In this afternoon Workshop explore the ins and outs of this unique practice that leads us to a paradigm shift in awareness. 

This workshop will include discussion, pranayama (breath practice), movement, and more. Accessible to any BODY and any level of experience. 

Join the movement of conscious connection! 


Kundalini Bundle

Get 4 impactful & targeted Kundalini practices that:
Re-Regulate your Nervous System

Energize your body
Prepare you for the best sleep of your life
Shift your perspective & awareness
Are short & sweet (30 minutes or less!)

Cover Nervous System Kundalini     Energizing Krya

Krya to Shift Awareness     Kundalini for better sleep

Each practice is targeted for a different part of your day to help you move through all aspects of  your life with awareness and focus!

Practices include: Krya to Re-Regulate Your Nervous System, Energizing Krya, Krya To Shift Awareness, & Krya For Better Sleep.